A rugged camera with an astounding 152 million pixels!

The EMC2-152 Global Shutter CMOS is available in color, and monochrome versions and is designed for use in aerial imaging, embedded systems, and industrial applications.

Especially designed for high performance applications, the EMC2-152 weighs approx. 440 grams (without lens). A native connection to the EPIX mf2280 M.2 capture card, provides an extremely simple and compact solution for embedded systems.

The EMC2-152 uses the Gpixel GMAX32152 CMOS sensors in Medium format. The sensors have 14 digital outputs each running up to 50Mhz. This results in 4 fps at full resolution in Camera Link Full mode. Higher frame rates can be achieved in ROI/windowing mode. The EMC2-152 is also available in 10GigE output, imaging at 4.2 fps in 12-bits.

Product Highlights

Technical Information


The pin table and connector image reference the camera connector as viewed from the camera back. The mating connector manufacturer and part number are Hirose HR10A-7P-6P.