The illunis administrative, engineering and production teams are headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota USA.

Design process, camera assembly and all testing have been done in-house since 2008. This proximity between the engineering and manufacturing department promotes efficiency. illunis has experienced that by shortening the communication gap, the overall quality of the camera increases. Working together as a team also allows for a rapid response if something may go wrong in the manufacturing process. illunis engineers are closely involved in the production process and provide daily feedback. illunis has also developed proprietary in-camera methods to self-adjust and test themselves during the overnight burn-in process. This self-adjusting camera process allows higher throughput in manufacturing and better product consistency.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

illunis specializes in applying our proven intellectual property to your custom requirements at realistic NRE fees. We have developed and manufactured hundreds of designs for an impressive array of companies.


Quality and sustainability is a high priority at illunis. We are CE Compliant and manufacture in accordance with the RoHS directive. In order to warrant maintained compliance, illunis works closely with our suppliers. View Declaration of Compliance PDF.

Conflict Minerals Statement
illunis is committed to monitoring its supply chain to assure that conflict minerals directly or indirectly supporting civil violence or human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries are not used in the manufacture of illunis products.


worldwide distribution

illunis sells direct and through several distribution channels worldwide.
We are currently seeking distribution partners. Contact us for more information.