A digital camera with an astounding 250million pixels!

The CMV-250 is available in color and monochrome versions and is designed for use in industrial, machine vision, aerial imaging, and document imaging applications.

The CMV-250 uses the Canon LI8020SAC and LI8020SAM sensors in APS-H format. The image sensor has 16 digital outputs each running at 756Mhz. This results in 2.4 fps at full resolution. The sensor is operated in 12bit mode which results in true 10bit data output. (Note 10bit mode is only ~8 bits effective data due to the black offset of the internal ADC operation).

Product Highlights

Technical Information


The pin table and connector image reference the camera connector as viewed from the camera back. The mating connector manufacturer and part number are Hirose HR10A-7P-6P.


Sensor Graphs

Filter Graphs

Power Supply